Stomp the (Right Wing) Girl!

She made a racist joke! Well, if "African" is a race... which it isn't, really... and if it's derogatory to suggest that people feed mosquitoes, which they kinda do.

However, she does support a right-wing political party. So, you know, destroying her life is entirely appropriate. Just like describing those "Anglo-Saxon" remarks by an unnamed adviser as evidence that the Romney campaign is based on "white supremacy." (Are French people white? I guess not, since they don't much care for "Anglo-Saxon" approaches to problems.)

But, hey, maybe this is an entirely proportionate response.  After all, getting into the Olympics isn't a big deal. I hear you don't even get paid for it.

UPDATE:  Apparently even corporations get this treatment.  And that works... for now.  But I wouldn't expect it to work for long.


douglas said...

Apparently, the influx of African immigrants to Greece is somewhat of an issue right now, so she was pretty careless with her social media use (when will they ever learn?).

Also, 'Right-wing' means something rather different in Europe than it does here- there, right and left are separated by whether they want socialism or fascism. Their right-left political spectrum is roughly perpendicular to what's commonly associated with our right-left spectrum. I've never been able to find a Nolan diagram that accurately describes how I see the political spectrum, but some are pretty good, better than any two dimensional diagram.

Eric Blair said...

Yeah, that 'Golden Dawn' party is, well, I'm not sure there is a decent analog in the US.

MikeD said...

I've had someone call me a "WASP" before. He was confused as hell when I corrected him and said I was a PFC (Pinkish Frankish Catholic). He didn't understand.

Texan99 said...

It was a remark that would make me find a new person to talk to at a cocktail party -- but I don't like to see Olympic competition politicized that way, especially since there's not the slightest chance anyone would be kicked out for a comparable insult against, say, Tea Partiers.

bthun said...

"she was pretty careless with her social media use (when will they ever learn?)"

Learning from the mistakes of others is a dying art.

"It was a remark that would make me find a new person to talk to at a cocktail party"

Oh yeah... Wink, wink, nudge, nudge weasel worded innuendo is beyond tedious.

Yanno, if only the young girl was the U.S. Democrat VP...

Anonymous said...

Someone on another blog pointed out that R. Barr, in her diatribe against Chik-fil-a, managed to insinuate that black people are members of the NSDAP, because, according to Barr, only members of that reviled German political institution eat at said establishment.


raven said...

Everybody is sooo sensitive these days.
Because they have been taught that victims get the goods.

Anyone else here old enough to remember the child's rhyme- "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me"?