Original Gangster

We don't do a lot of hip-hop here, but Ice-T has always been the one I most respect. When he wasn't doing his over-the-top act, he wrote a lot of songs urging young men to take their brains and their honor as seriously as their physicality. Not that he was opposed to violence, to be sure; but neither am I.

Here are a few of them.

Looks like he hasn't changed much.


bthun said...

The fellow does understand the reasons 2A should not and shall not be infringed.

As far as the gangsta/rap/hip-hop music stuff, I've not the ear or the patience to listen to it.

On occasion I've considered what my life might have been if I'd been born into a destitute, fatherless, black home... What would have been my outlook and guidon if I had to grow up facing each day without a father, much less a positive role model, other than the local Alpha thug?

Well, I seriously doubt I would have reached my current age, nor, I suspect, would it have ended well. So while I can't listen to the music, I think I can somewhat understand the places in the soul that bring it into being.

But again, on the subject of 2A, the man known as Ice-T apparently gets it.

Grim said...

I expect I'd have joined the local gang, and sought to distinguish myself within it.