"Gun Control: The Brady Campaign, White Lies, and Damn Lies" by Howard�Nemerov

Conservative Media Watchdog Day:

Having looked at one conservative media watchdog earlier, I'd like to look at another one. ChronWatch has an article called "Gun Control: The Brady Campaign, White Lies, and Damn Lies." The author writes:

When I began reconsidering my position on gun control, I needed to proceed in a structured manner. Being a medical researcher by profession, I knew how to construct reasonable testing guidelines in order to arrive at a supportable conclusion....

I concluded that the claims of pro-gun-rights organizations were easily and consistently verifiable using neutral or even slightly anti-gun sources. But there was another side to the research, and that was to check the veracity of the claims of gun-control organizations. Were they telling the truth when they promoted the benefits of civilian disarmament? Were their claims based on statistically valid and verifiable sources?

He concludes, at some length, that they are not. I'm not sure I track why his first argument is relevant to the Brady Campaign's claims. However, the remaining arguments appear right on.

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