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Another disturbing, but excellent, post from the Belmont Club. It begins:

The International Herald Tribune describes what happened to a woman on a commuter train north of Paris.
The woman was mistakenly identified as a Jew by six men of North African and African origin, who surrounded the victim in what at first appeared to be an attempt to steal her stroller ... One of them said, 'She's a rich kid.' And then he added, 'There are only Jews in the 16th,'" the police spokesman said. "Nothing in the name of the young woman or where she lives has any Jewish character," the spokesman added. The attackers cut the victim's clothing, slightly wounding her in the process, and cut off a lock of her hair, "as a souvenir," one of the attackers is reported to have said. After slashing the stroller, the six attackers overturned it. The baby fell to the ground and suffered a mild bruise, the police said. The men stole a credit card and E200 from the woman, before getting off the train after it pulled into Sarcelles, which is about 17.4 kilometers, or 11 miles, from Paris.
The incident is also reported in the New York Times with one omission. Here's the omission.
About 20 people saw what happened, but none came to the aid of the victim, the police said, adding that only two passengers approached afterward.
Wretchard points out several non-violent alternatives to simply not aiding the victim. They may be of interest for those of you disinclined to violence yourselves. (Those of you who are not have already thought this through.) As he points out, the first thing is to decide never to let yourself be cowed by the cruel. After that, do what you can.

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