ABC�s Moran Chides Bush for �Sharply Personal Attacks� on Kerry --7/14/2004-- Media Research Center


Is the Media Research Center playing fair here?

On the July 12 Special Report with Brit Hume, Bret Baier reported how "sixty-six pages of the report fall under the heading 'Iraq's Links to Terrorism'" and in it, Baier related, "multiple, credible sources are cited that Iraq provided al-Qaeda with various kinds of training, combat, bomb-making, along with chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear training, backing up public and private statements by former CIA director George Tenet." Baier pointed out: "The details in the report seem to shoot down at least two of former White House counter-terrorism director Richard Clarke's bold claims."
Now that's a bold claim. So I went to look. I started to write a lengthy piece--indeed, I got to about four pages, before I realized that this was a waste. Just go and read it yourself. The CIA appears to have known very little with any certainty after the failed coup, in which the IIS infiltrated and eliminated their in-country assets. Yet there is quite a lot of information suggestive of an Iraq-Qaeda relationship that I haven't seen before. None of it is proof. But proof would not be forthcoming after an intelligence loss such as the failed coup. What there is may not be as strong as MRC suggests. It is, however, much stronger than I've been led to believe by other sources.

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