Beware Republicans Bearing Gifts

Really, you'd think after the Kavanaugh show trial that they'd have learned to just beware any single witness offering everything they wanted tied-up-in-a-bow, but without anyone who would corroborate her stories. 

Maybe they thought it was too good to check.
...if Ornato calls her an outright liar? Major disaster. Not just a legal disaster, in that a key witness to potential criminal charges for Trump will have suddenly been blown up, but a political disaster for the committee. It’s unconscionable that they would put a witness on television to make an allegation that shocking without having run it down first. Republicans will say that if they couldn’t — or wouldn’t — separate fact from fiction with the SUV incident, there’s no reason to believe they did so in other aspects of the investigation.

I can't believe anyone is still using the word "unconscionable" with regard to Congress as if it didn't obviously apply to them all of the time. "Congress is unconscionable as usual," sure. "It would be unconscionable for Congress to..." as if that suggested they surely wouldn't do that thing, no. 


Christopher B said...

I doubt she came up with this all on her own.

They got her because she's photogenic, and willing to say whatever somebody else wants said.

I would think that the Secret Service agent testimony would be far more devastating since they were eye(and ear, evidently)witnesses. I suspect, however, that portions of their testimony would be inconvenient, i.e. that even though Trump blustered he still quite obviously acquiesced to returning to the White House. I think in particular they would never testify that there had been a plan for him to go to the Capital after the speech if one did not exist.

I don't know if you saw that there is an update to the Morrissey post. Hutchinson apparently lied in her direct testimony, claiming to have taken a statement dictated by Mark Meadows that the J6 committee was told previously had been written by Eric Herschmann, a lawyer working in the White House.

Texan99 said...

A Secret Service agent presumably won't make a public statement unless subpoenaed by Congress, so I imagine they're counting on the fact that most people won't ever hear his denial. I'd bet money my sister, for instance, is completely unaware of Ornato's existence.