Go, Mighty Bulldogs

Georgia has not won a National championship since 1980, when soon-to-be Senator Herschel Walker was carrying the ball. Georgia has been in a national championship game recently, versus Alabama which beat her in the second half after a massive Georgia lead in the first. Alabama also spoiled an undefeated Georgia year this year in an upset win over a UGA team that was considered a ready favorite. 

So tonight the championship game comes down to these two again. Can Georgia defeat the Crimson Tide, given the huge psychological advantage Alabama has? We shall see

UPDATE: Indeed they could. Congratulations to the National Champions, the mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


E Hines said...

Georgia did tonight. Final score, functionally, 26-18. The interception and return for a touchdown was important, for sealing the game, but Alabama's poor play selection on that drive was sealing the game, already.

Eric Hines

douglas said...

Must be all that much sweeter coming against Alabama, and when the calls were clearly going against the dawgs. Great to see it. Hard to believe it's been that long!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

A young friend tells me his great-uncle, a lifetime Bulldogs fan who has been declining these last few months, sat up watching the game, and then died peacefully in his sleep. That's about as poetic as it gets.

Grim said...

May he rest in peace.