More good news

During Kyle Rittenhouse's trial, the prosecutor brought what I thought were vindictive charges against Rittenhouse's friend Dominic Black immediately after Rittenhouse testified to how Black supplied him with a rifle on the day of the shootings.  The prosecutor appears to have thrown in the towel on those charges, or almost.

I can't find the original link, which may have been from PJ Media, but this NY Post article is similar.


james said...

Are you sure about that link?

Tom said...

The link is bad, I think.

Over at Hot Air, they're saying Black took a plea deal:

"Black had originally been charged with a felony, specifically ‘delivering a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death.’ A conviction could have resulted in serious jail time. But the judge in the case has accepted a plea deal worked out between prosecutors and the defense, allowing Black to plead guilty to ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor’ and pay a relatively modest fine."

ymarsakar said...

No justice, no peace.

Prepare for war.

douglas said...

Good, no felony means gun ownership rights are preserved, also.