Music for Freyja's Day

(Or Frigg, who may or may not be the same goddess.)

Following up on Tom's concept, some music for the day.

Here's one for our adventurous truck driver from earlier this week.

This one is more for the video than the psychedelic soundtrack.

That last one came to my attention because of the band's participation in a psychedelic Western story album, which is musically a lot better but lacks the awesome motorcycles.


Tom said...

Good stuff!

Aggie said...

Boston used to be a nightmare to drive in, even in a passenger car. It's a bit better now. A lot of Boston's streets started out as village cart tracks - they abruptly change direction, reverse course, become 1-way (the other way), etc. When this song was written, it wasn't uncommon for truckers to hire a taxi cab to guide them to their destination.

Grim said...

I've only done Boston on foot. In 1996 I made a vainglorious attempt to have one Guinness in every "Irish Pub" in the city, which led to failure but a memorable evening. A few years ago I did the city again with less aggression, and found it pleasant enough as a walkabout town. I caught a bus to the airport when it was time to leave.