Pearl Harbor Day

This year it suddenly seems as if it doesn’t even matter; China, our old friend, now threatens human freedom. Our ancestors fought for good reason, but times have changed. New wars are before us. 

Perhaps this is a better moment for prayer than for memory. Pray, then. 


ymarsakar said...

Christians now feel what Yeshua and his apostles felt, being taken "good care" of by humanity at large.

The State. Romans. Children of Satan have "rules".

Rules that inevitably require the apostles to be killed or put in jail.

These rules often outlaw the practice of these religious gatherings, unless they give fealty to Caesar as God.

There's a lot of confusion on that score, given the often noted line "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and give unto God what is god's".

But what does that even mean?

Do the churches' non profit IRS status mean they have to be quiet on abortion and elections? They can't even meet now or they get arrested?

Well, well, let's test these christians to see if they are strong of faith and heart. And to do that, requires persecution, from the State no less.

The god people think they believe in... they often don't really know what kind of person, if person it is, their god is. It causes a lot of confusion, especially since many of the faithful actually worship Bhaal, thinking it is some other god.

This is a great time, Grim. It is as I said it would be. And the GOP in Georgia, aren't they feeling the fire? Just a little preview of what my previous promise.

ymarsakar said...

Treason. Military tribunals. Fake elections. Fake leaders. Fake news.

God's gift of 20/20 vision to humanity. People call on God for hope and change, but when they receive these gifts as requested, what do they do? It is like pearls before pigs. They don't know what to do with it, as they are looking for earthly food and sustenance.

People found my remarks about Soros, here, to be either unconstitutional or violating Soros free speech rights. Haha, very funny, humans. Soros repaid that gift with his Open Society shenanigans, and BLM. There's your "free speech rights".

People also found my remarks about Civil War 2 and US Presidents like Barack Hussein, being traitors in 2009, to be off the water mark.

Oh well. What is wisdom to god, is foolishness to mortals.

ymarsakar said...

The nation is under a kind of judgment, but it is not the judgment people were taught by dogma it is. This judgment works more fairly. It is a karmic boomerang.

If any nation invades another nation, they will be taught a lesson. That nation will fall to invasion, just to rebalance the karma, and to teach souls a lesson. Empires fall.

The United States, because it has participated in mass atrocity and election steals in other nations, will be inflicted by the very same plagues that it exported to other nations. Which is why Iraq and Afghanistan were the LAST CHANCEs for redemption. Yes, yes, false pretexts and all that, but all that is known by God and accounted for.

Americans threw that chance away, for whatever reasons. They didn't think the Iraqi purple finger elections were "secure" enough. Hahahaha.

Americans thought Venezuela voted in Maduru and Chavez, and thus got it "good and hard".

Now America voted in kama and are getting it "good and hard".

This is not a cruel punishment by god it is just... what it is. A karmic boomerang. Sometimes faster than slower at times.

A nation that kills several millions of children repetitiously, will be killed by some other force, like Pearl harbor Space China (kinetic drops, cyberwar, emp strikes).

It is just how this clock universe works. As per the Founding Father's Deism.

It's not good or bad, it's not because god is punishing people for their sins. They are punishing themselves, that is the real truth.

If they had chosen to repent... it would be otherwise, but most humans do not choose to change their views or their hearts. They prefer... well, they prefer the hard way of doing things, like 2020.

If the ancients in your scriptures had merely listened to the old prophets and repented of their ways, they would not have been destroyed. Their very behavior caused the karmic backlash effect. Prophecies are not set in stone either. If you repent... it will change fr the better. If you stick with it, you'll have to survive the Fire. The Divine Fire.

james said...

Psalm 59:11 (or is it 58:12?). We forget easily.