Since we have heard so much talk from Plato about the universal laws of beauty in music, perhaps it would be well to take a moment to play some magnificiently ordered music. Here is a piece you will have seen this week if you followed all my links, on what at the time I first posted it I identified as a lute.

I have since learned that is a late development of the lute that is known in English as a "theorbo."

How about one more, accompanied by an academic's explanation of some of the mathematics and musical forms involved?


douglas said...

It has a fantastic sound. I was thinking that I'd love to hear some country music on that.

ymarsakar said...

These players must be getting extreme shoulder, neck, and arm stress. I wonder how many deep tissue massages they need per year to fix that.

Grim said...

I do wish I knew someone who could play one, Douglas. It's a fantastic instrument.