Asheville Celtic Festival

"Cimmerian" is a word that Howard borrowed from the Odyssey, a cognate to "Cymric" which led him to write that "the Gaels, ancestors of the Irish and Highland Scots, descended from pure-blooded Cimmerian clans." So it is appropriate that these oft-grey and misty mountains, similar to his poetic description of Cimmeria, hosted a festival of which Conan would have been proud.

There were fighting demonstrations, a small-scale Scottish Highland Games heavy athletics competition, cattle and dogs -- a great number of Irish wolfhounds were present -- beer and mead, and a lot of music and dancing. One of the bands in attendance was Albannach, on tour of the United States from their Scottish homeland.


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Since a Scottish queen may have been an Egyptian princess... this Cimeria they are talking about is most likely Egypt or rather Khem as the ancient name was for Caininite culture. Cimeria to Caininites... hrm.

The Scottish skirt, also looks somewhat similar to the metal skirt worn by Egyptian charioteers.