Stratospheric Warming

Apparently the Antarctic is a whole lot warmer than usual this year -- at least, way, way up.

So does that mean hotter weather lower down? Apparently not.
These events are significant, as the warming and the disruption of the polar vortex eventually makes its way down to the troposphere and can cause a change in weather patterns. It can bring colder weather and snow into lower latitudes, for example, Australia and New Zealand....

These events will also influence the annual growth of the ozone hole over Antarctica. Warming of the stratosphere should limit its growth, and we might see a smaller ozone hole this year. It will depend on the longevity of these events.
So, colder weather and a smaller ozone hole?


MikeD said...

DARN that glowbull worming!

ymarsakar said...

Why are there holes in the ozone over Antarctica.

There's a lot of things people say that they don't question.

And if they do ask the question, it is easily rationalized with an automatic answer. Why is Trum in trouble? Because he's betraying the country to Russia!

It all depends on what Red/Blue filters are at work.

ymarsakar said...

How do you have 100% total computer simulated data on the entirety of the circumference of Antarctica, a Southern Hemisphere continent, when you can't locate planes that go off the Global PS that US Defense controls when they crash in the S Hemisphere?

If satellites work for Antarctica weather data, they should work for those planes over the oceans, except it doesn't. And the software bugs out due to "longitude" and "lattitude" compression supposedly at the South Pole. Except mathematically, that never happens at the North Pole, especially since the North Pole moves around.

The humans have a lot of rationalized excuses but the pure logic has never worked out. That's why people who question the status quo, like Socrates, tend to end up a certain way.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's almost as if we don't understand these processes very well.

Grim said...

That was my takeaway as well, AVI. The outputs are not at all what I'd expect from the inputs.