The Jug of Punch

Before the merry month of June ends, we should have a listen to this beautiful piece.


Gringo said...

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem: The Moonshiner also has the refrain "if you don't like me then leave me alone." Sounds as if heavy drinkers are getting some negative feedback. Well, better to sing about drinking than go off on a drunk.

Grim said...

As you of all people surely know it's also a line from "Rye Whiskey," as recorded by Tex Ritter and many others. In general I think it's good advice for people who don't like me to leave me alone; just why they don't like me is their business, which I hope they will take care to mind.

Grim said...

Although to speak to your point about songs celebrating drinking, I always think of the Clancy Brothers as a good wholesome folk band. But I am reminded that their own generation didn't quite see it that way. One of their albums has a graphic on the front promising that the content is "Hearty and Hellish!"

"Hellish!" That seems a little strong: they're good Catholic boys, aren't they? But I grew up after bands with names like Black Sabbath had come to be famous. To the old 1950s America, I suppose they seemed pretty daring with their celebration of drink and sex and fighting.

Gringo said...

Yes, the Clancy Brothers are a wholesome folk band, singing the songs of their homeland. One can have good times with drink,and one can have bad times with drink. When I first learned the Tommy Makem & Clancy Brothers' drinking songs in high school, I enjoyed singing along. At the same time,at the age of 6 I was a passenger in a fatal accident caused by a drunk. So, I have always had some ambivalence about those songs.

In addition, I suspect that drinking can be a problem for homeland Celts,judging from my experience with two drunk Scotsmen in Venezuela. Sober during the week working on the rig, but hungover from heavy - and I mean heavy- drinking on the week off.

My favorite Irish drinking song: Finnegan's Wake.