Wonderful News

...if true.
The sprawling Democratic presidential field is incredibly diverse, but a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs finds Democrats give a collective shrug to gender, race and age as factors they’re considering when supporting a candidate.

Instead, Democratic registered voters are yearning for experience in elected office. A whopping 73% cited that as a quality that would make them more excited about supporting a presidential candidate.


Texan99 said...

That and "he cares about people like me." Sigh.

E Hines said...

Other polls, though, cite Democrats (the voters) as disdaining gender, race, and age in favor of the characteristic of being able to beat Trump.

Still no policy favoring.

Eric Hines

Joel Leggett said...

I guess, but I find it hard to take any solace from that news when a communist like Bernie Sanders and a race huckster like Elizabeth Warren, not to mention that bumbling idiot Biden, are what passes for experience. The only way for these candidates to distinguish themselves within this murder of mediocrities is by promising more free stuff to more people. Warren is now advocating reparations for the gay community. Good lord!

E Hines said...

Warren is now advocating reparations for the gay community. Good lord!

Gee--maybe we've all badly misjudged the lady. Maybe she's satirizing the concept of reparations to the point of ridiculing the idea out of existence.


Eric Hines