Negative, AZ, FBI

Arizona would like its citizens to be forced to give up their DNA for a massive state database, and pay $250 for the privilege.

American governments have gotten to big for their britches. Especially the law-enforcement branches, to include (as that essay does) the FBI and DOJ.

We need to break them to saddle.


E Hines said...

They can have my DNA from my cold, clenched-jawed mouth.

Eric Hines

Ymarsakar said...

Kind of too late to do that, Grim.

As for DNA... hahaha.

Remember what I told people here a decade ago about how they can surely and easily ignore one crazy minority Ymar opinion but if I actually turned out to be 100% right, the joke would be on them when they would get face and arse slapped constantly by the reality of an entire world dominated by the Evil New World Order?

Not in those words of course.