Another Act of Political Violence

I'm writing this less to draw attention to the activist getting punched, than to make a point about language and the culture of risk aversion.
Another conservative student was assaulted on @UCBerkeley's campus. I just spoke to the survivor of the attack who is a dear friend of mine. He is in good spirits and plans on continuing to fight for conservative values on campus once his black eye is gone! What a bad a**!
"Survivor"? C'mon. He got punched in the face. If he gets knifed and doesn't die, OK, sure, his life was in danger and he survived. You'd have to be extremely unlucky in how you fell, though, for a punch to be a thing you 'survive' rather than just a thing that happened.

The occasional scuffle used to be an ordinary feature of life; when I was a boy, "Dagwood" and his neighbors got in brawls almost every week. I'm not saying that we should all start beating people up, but I am saying that you should toughen your heart a little here.

We've got a whole society full of people going to "therapy" to heal their "trauma," by which they mean life. Now you've got even conservatives talking about being a "survivor" for taking a punch.

Harden up, people. Show a little self-respect.


raven said...

There must be a generation or two of boys now who have never gotten in a fist fight or had a bloody nose-it was certainly not encouraged when I was in school, but neither was it treated like a crime against humanity- it was just something boys did. Knock it off, go get cleaned up and get back to class. Lots of lessons were learned,and nobody got seriously hurt. Of course, we were all rural white kids.

Grim said...

Well, there are members of those generations who haven't, yeah. None of my younger male relatives have gotten through childhood or adolescence without a few fights, though. Maybe it runs in the family.

raven said...

The poor kid had no clue how to react- letting the assailant return and square up to him , and stand there with his hands at his sides?! And then try to take a video?

His essential problem was he thought he could reason with a bully.

Ymarsakar said...

All that training for the Apocalypse actually paid off for me. I don't get any of that. It never manifests near me or in front of me. Why?

It's a quantum thing.

Some people and cliques such as the unlucky compound at Waco 1, attract the negative stuff they think about via paranoia and low vibrations. Others control the manifestation phenomenon and hack the keys of the secrets of the multiverse to the point where we exceed the limits of the system by gaming the system.

Thus some attract government goons the more they "prep" against government, although most of them just have loud mouths and tend to like talking to the FBI. Others get less of an attraction by going off grid and off the radar, both quantum and personal, of the government or whatever foe people are cranking up these days.

Ymarsakar said...

Everyone's fate (well almost) is written as a strategy guide up in the starry sky. Their fate, destiny, whatever, is right up there.

Thus this kid must have min maxed his combat warrior attributes to nearly nothing. It has nothing to do with his environment because the Earth and the Heavens determine your environment, not the other way around.

It is far more accurate and in depth than intel profiles of HVTs or other targets.

Ymarsakar said...

After watching the videos... these people are weak. Both of them. Everybody there.

The highest or higher standard in bare knuckled boxing was to destroy the heart with a single punch to the chest. Which actually happened before they had to wrap the fists in those gloves. Which caused impact damage that snapped the head back and forth creating concussions but at least didn't implode livers and hearts anymore from the masters. MayWeather, if he can stop breaking his wrists, could have easily transitioned to the one hit one kill style.

When boxers had to transition to the glove system, they had to give up the organ implosion power engine techniques. It doesn't work, you see, with gloves as the impact time on contact is too long. It is like an airbag. A strong forceful airbag or boxing glove can and will kill you, depending on what it hits and how. However, one hit one kill styles were based on eliminating enemies in less than 3s or the fewest number of moves possible. Why? Because I don't want to see how "good" the other guy is. I just want his avatar disassembled and without threat and function.

The guy on the left took so many punches, yet he is still standing. That can be seen as tough. Or as a sign that American men are weak. Their punches are about equal to kiddies and infants these days.

As for the UFC, one of the fighters was talking about touring to spread Flat Earth Theory, then got knocked out back a back fist in a few seconds by his opponent. I wrote an analysis advice that if the FE fighter hadn't tried to drop his guard by pulling back his right for a Power Haymaker throw, he could have just stepped in, control the range, and use no inch power engine generation to destroy the opponent's internal organs. That is at least feasible with UFC gloves or elbows and knees. But they don't do that kind of stuff any more.

The One Knock out punches thrown by hoodlums preying on white people, are good ambushes that use an accuracy trick. Not very good at defending targets or moving ones. At least better than the normal fights seen on video in America.

Ymarsakar said...

Life is not pain. It is only painful because many of you chose out of pride, hardcore mode on Earth rpg life before you incarnated here. Ironman trials cannot be turned off before Death/New Game +.

The strategy guide for every person's life is already in the Heavens, free for anyone to use or see.

Your opportunities, events, marriages, life partners, accidents, health risks, physical shape, personality, talents, and weaknesses can all be derived via stellar calculations. This is the true art and science.