Not Winning in Reality

Five years and change in Federal prison for one Reality Winner.

I hate to see a free person reduced to chains and cages. I wish we had a better system for the few laws we really need to enforce, and fewer laws by far that demand to be enforced. Nevertheless, there are some laws that any nation has to enforce if it is to remain free and sovereign. It has to defend its borders, and it has to punish treason. Five years in prison is not a gentle punishment, but once this would have been seen as a capital crime.

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Ymarsakar said...

Meanwhile Mark Felt was exonerated for the illegal search and breaking of Ayers' buddies Weather friends, which meant Ayers and his wife would go free and clear.

National security and all that, was used as the justification, similar with national interests in Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and Gulf of Tonkin.

Same shell game, same trick, same mark.