Hillbilly Hip Hop?

I first heard this musical mix when I started watching Justified.

More recently, I've been listening to Crowder.


Matthew Wennerlund said...

I think I've seen it called Hick-Hop.

Tom said...

I'd forgotten that term. Cowboy Troy uses it in one of his country / hip hop songs.


Texan99 said...

I just loved that theme song, enjoyed it every time the show started. Loved the show, too.

We just watched an entertaining shoot-em-up last night with Ryan Reynolds, the guy from Deadpool, called "The Hitman's Bodyguard." I highly recommend Deadpool as well. Actually, Reynolds has got a knack for picking a good script, so my rule is to watch anything with him in it.

Tom said...

Yeah, I really like that theme song as well. It was a good series, with some exceptions.

Ryan Reynolds is pretty good at what he does.