Grouchy Farmers in the UK

A farmer fed up with ‘townies’ complaining about the noise and smells of the countryside has posted a sign outside his farm in a dig at sensitive city dwellers.

Stephen Nolan, 48, put up the notice after receiving consistent complaints for four years about noise from his animals.

‘This property is a farm. Farms have animals and animals make funny sounds, smell bad and have sex outdoors’, it reads.

‘Unless you can tolerate the above, don’t buy a property next to a farm.’

The cheeky missive, erected at Laneside Farm in Lancashire, has received a lot of love on social media from locals who described it as ‘hilarious’.

I'd be pretty grouchy about it too, especially the bit later on about neighbors threatening to sue if he builds a bigger stables for his horses. He has Shire horses and Clydesdales.


douglas said...

I never cease to be amazed how people can move into a place near something, and then later complain that it's there.

In L.A. some residential streets near commercial corridors have permit parking at certain times of day. People chose to move into a place that's a half block or block from the commercial strip, then are bothered that people park there to go to the commercial strip? The only thing stupider is that the city then responds to their complaints with this permitting scam. May as well make them private streets.

Grim said...

One of the finest gun ranges near Savannah was shut down because people bought the land nearby, built a housing development, and then complained that it was unfair to have a gun range so nearby to a housing development.