This is how you do it

Our HEB grocery store was open just six days after the storm hit, with good stocks, too.  As impressed as I was, this article is even more impressive.  Their problem in this area were nothing compared to the widespread flooding to the east.  It's a fine, fine company.

Our regular internet isn't back, but I've discovered what I guess everyone else knew already, that we can run the computer on the personal hotspot on our iPhones.  I'm so out of it.


Elise said...

Great article, Tex - thanks!

Gringo said...

Not surprised at HEB's having a fast recovery. H-E-B Ranked #2 Grocery Store in the Nation.
After calculating current Temkin customer experience rankings, H-E-B clocks in as the No. 2 grocery store in the nation.
On a list of the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings, provided by Temkin Ratings, H-E-B ranked second in a huge list of companies vying for the top slot as the best customer experience.

HEB may not necessarily have the best prices on every item- though they are overall quite competitive- but their customer service is exceptional. Like #1 ranked Publix, HEB's in-house bakery is very good. Ditto for HEB's Central Market.

Elise said...

There's a Publix 5 minutes from where I live and I really like it. As Gringo says, their bakery is very good but it always makes me laugh that Publix has a scale set up as you enter the store - right before you walk through the bakery. :+)

Unknown said...

That was very interesting. Thanks for posting the link.

douglas said...

That's awesome. The Red Cross should take notes.