Viking Sword Found in High Norway

This story reminds me of another recent such find, but I can't seem to locate it in the archives and the news stories about this all seem to be in the last few days (even the ones in Norsk). So in case this is a second such find, let me draw your attention to it. It's certainly a very nice looking piece.


raven said...

Nice! There is one reason someone may have left a sword-and a valuable piece it was- if they were running for their life, dropped it, and the cost to stop and retrieve it was death. I do not buy the blizzard-dead guy idea- if so, he would have died with his sword in hand or next to him, and there would be some other metallic bits around. That sword would have been the absolute last thing he would have parted with.

douglas said...

I could see a man dying in a blizzard, getting dragged off by a bear or wolves, dragging off all his other belongings with him, but the sword falling out and being left behind.

Also, people freezing to death sometimes fall into a state of delirium near the end and strip. Could be something like that.

All that aside, it's in unbelievable condition- looks like you could take a little steel wool to it to rub the rust off, put a handle back on it, sharpen it a little, and it would be ready to go.

Lars Walker said...

A Viking sword find is a good thing. I Viking sword find with a mystery is even better.