Jim Webb on NBC

American politics needed a jolt, Webb says. Was it this one? What about the Democrats in 2018?

The journalist pins him early on the fact that he refers to Democrats as "they," not "we." Webb thinks about that for a minute and says that, you know, he's not really part of the system at the moment -- he's thinking about this all from the outside, as the journalist is himself, and as are all of us here. It's still an interesting observation.

UPDATE: Another piece on Webb today wonders what might have been.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

That would be a clever thinking-on-his-feet answer even it weren't true. But I suspect it is true, and the journalist may have done him a favor by helping him clarify exactly that.

Ymar Sakar said...

I wonder what Webb thinks of being part of the system in pushing for John Fing Patriotic Swift Boat Kerry over there that one year.

Trading favors was worth something at least, even if he did so reluctantly.