Secretive Military Unit Offers Conditional Aid

In recent months, ill-informed Leftists who have spent the last 8 years repeatedly telling the public that they do not “need” guns and have no reason to fear the Federal Government (except of course for the police) have discovered that they are totally unprepared to carry out the violent overthrow of the Trump Administration and the revolution that they feel our country so desperately needs.

Those pleas for a military-led coup had gone unanswered (and largely laughed at) by members of the Armed Forces until yesterday, when a little known Army Special Mission Unit responded to left-wing demands for a military removal of the Commander-in-Chief.

This is either never-before-seen footage of the Spec-4 Mafia and their list of demands, or Adobe Stock Art. We’re not sure which.
Known only as the “E4 Mafia..."
The list of demands confirms that this offer is certainly legitimate.


Tom said...

Man, the Spec-4 Mafia. I've heard they're the ones that really run the Army. Trump better watch out if the libs can come up with enough Wintergreen Copenhagen and strippers.

Ymar Sakar said...

Would be a great trojan horse, stalking horse, op to smoke people out.

FBI does something similar with their craft, stalking internet sites selling bombs and explosives.

Surprisingly, humans fall for it often enough to be cost effective.