The Pope Warns on Refugees

Good advice, Father Francis.


Eric Blair said...

Oh, he just figured that out, did he?

Unfortunately, it is too late for Europe. Not to sound all Steyn and everthing, (because I actually don't agree with him on many things), but influx of people has already changed those countries, and not for the better, and humpty dumpty can't be reassembled.

Here the Guardian, is fretting about something it actually worked for:

It's not going to be what it was. It is going to be something else. It might even not be bad, but there's no going back now.

Anonymous said...

Francis is to the Church, what Obama is to to the USA.
Both are human wrecking crews and distorters.

If Francis gets anything right, he is sure to get about a dozen other things wrong just to balance things out.
all one can do is shake one's head, and pray when it comes to B name Francis.


Anonymous said...

An example on how Francis gets it wrong.

Francis Stumped – Says Child’s Question about Suffering has No Answer


Anonymous said...

Very approriate link Mississippi. Totally reasonable to respond to a weeping child with long quotations from The Doctor Angelicus. I'm sure they would have been a great comfort to the little girl.

I was glad to find the post on this day I stopped by.Francis' publicized statements have been disturbing but I have always found his full sermons thoughtful and edifying. Now days I read "news" about the Vicar of Christ assuming secular spin applied and resist getting worked up about it.

Il Papa is just a man doing his best. No, the Pope is not "infallible", or "inflammable" as Bishop Sheen used to joke. Pray for him. He is old and in some danger.

Gracias amigo, R.

Grim said...

I don't hate the Pope either. I think he's trying to do right. I certainly don't think he wants to reduce the Church in the way that Obama always wanted to reduce America -- as he has quite successfully done, in the field of foreign affairs and America's role among nations.

No, I agree with RCL: I think he's frequently mistranslated on purpose by people who have a more radical agenda than his. I think he sometimes gets things wrong, but there's room for correction in an institution that lives in millennia. Other times he gets things quite right.

And, as I always say when speaking of him, I admire his courage. He insists on meeting the people, on touching them, on being with them to a degree that must drive his security people nuts. He is clearly intending to die in the service of God, as he understands that service, and he is not afraid to do it today if it keeps him from becoming walled off from his flock.

There's a lot to admire in that. Enough, I think, to forgive his mistakes.

Ymar Sakar said...

His mistakes are why he isn't the Vicar of Christ, but just another human leader.

The Catholic Church is a human organization. It does not have the Holy Spirit sustaining them in their roles and authorities. Without Apostles and prophets and holy warriors like Jean De Arc, human organizations always get like that.

Mississippi should add the Vatican along with DC and Tel A to the mystery list of which cities actually control the US, since the logic that works for Israel would also work for the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

This conversation and comments have been in the back of my mind for a few days, so I am back to post yet again. This morning Dad29 posts this about the Pope this AM - go to the links he provides, and no, this is not good.

No way Francis is a good Pope. He is not even a good Jesuit and I know a few. and Folks who are Catholic have to put up with this crap? Its no wonder they do not pay attention.

Meet The New Chekists… Same As The Old Chekist.

Thank God we have a few Catholic Cardinals who get it and are backing the Pope into a corner.

Burke: If Francis Won’t “Clarify Serious Error,” Cardinals Must Take Corrective Action

This Pope is more of an enemy than a friend.

Pope Francis Attacks Capitalism, Calls for State Control

Francis policies are destructive to priests at the local level.

Miami Priest to Pope Francis: Why Condemn Capitalism So Strongly, but Not Communism?

and it goes on and on.


It’s Our Prelates Who Owe Their Flock An Apology

Cleaning up the Francis mess: Order pf Business

All this crap would make one throw up ones hands and jut become a protestant or non denominational......
and that is exactly what the commies want... schism


Anonymous said...

There's is more to despise than the ever was to admire about Francis. . Enough.

Here is a reading list for you to show why we do not come to this position lightly..

( look at the links dad has)

Cleaning Up The FrancisMESS: Order Of Business…

This is what Life is like for a normal Priest under a Francis style Bishop

Meet The New Chekists… Same As The Old Chekist.

It’s Our Prelates Who Owe Their Flock An Apology


Burke: If Francis Won’t “Clarify Serious Error,” Cardinals Must Take Corrective Action

Cardinal Burke Threatens ‘Formal Act of Correction’ if Pope Francis Doesn’t Clarify Doctrine

and it always good to read Dad29 posts on Cardinal Burke to understand who he is, and get a sense of the man from Dad29 astute judgement.......

Anonymous said...

now this....
Pope Francis Cancels Meetings With Curia in Wake of Four Cardinals Letter

Its not very often Cardenals and the Pope have a go at it. - This is a good thing. Its healthy.
Things need to come to a head.

- Mississippi