Australia: God's Own Horror Show

Pretty much everything in Australia will kill you. Except the huntsman spider. But recently a woman photographed a huge one that looks like it might.

I wouldn't have posted on it, except for this bit:

The bite of a huntsman isn't dangerous to humans – it’s their fearsome appearance that’s the real concern.

The spiders are notorious for popping out of car dashboards at unexpected times, with disastrous consequences.

On Tuesday a man crashed his car into Lake Cathie in NSW after a huntsman fell on his lap, causing him to accidentally slam his foot on the accelerator.
 It probably says nothing good about my character that I can't stop laughing at this.


E Hines said...

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

There was a great episode of CarTalk about a minivan that "committed suicide by plunging into Lake Superior," just north of Duluth, because of a large white spider that dropped down from behind the driver's side sunshade and onto the driver's lap. Yes, the car was a total loss from water damage.