Oh, Good, We're Paying Ransoms Now

I mean, what are the odds that Iran will interpret this as an incentive to take more Americans hostage, right?

Oh, you say they're already doing that? Gee, who could have predicted that?

You know, Trump may be right. As ridiculous as the claim seems, he may really understand foreign policy better than President Obama.


E Hines said...

I think it's pretty clear that Trump understands foreign policy better than the guy who's a better policy wonk than his policy wonks.

Trump is a deal-maker. He may, in fact, make deals with our enemies with which we disagree, but I don't see those deals being materially worse than Obama's steady, abject...retreat...before our enemies.

Eric Hines

Eric Blair said...

I'm sorry, but no citizen is worth 100 million dollars.

Tom said...

I am.

Grim said...

I'm not. If I ever get taken, I'll kill my hostage-takers for free.

Anonymous said...

I have gone down the rabbit hole on whatever kerfflufel the Democrats attempt to make over Trump's latest "gaffe," and I keep finding a man speaking in reasonable terms.

The lights are on, somebody is home, and both parties are going ape over it.


raven said...

Valerie, we are well past the "spin" cycle, it is full on "agitate" now.

Tom said...

... I'll kill my hostage-takers for free.

Well, that's not quite the same idea ... Although, to be honest, I'd take a $100 M reward for killing my hostage-takers. I wouldn't demand it, of course, but it would be a nice gesture.

raven, right you are!

Ymar Sakar said...

Demoncrats strike again. Tim Larkin once noted that some of his clients were business leaders and VIPs, who were very results orientated, so could understand his way of using or teaching hand to hand. These business leaders or VIPs, and one of them even came from Langley's training center, often had to travel around foreign countries without the use of firearms and for whatever reasons, without bodyguards. So they wanted a solution set to avoid being taken prisoner and kidnapped. Since the ransom they would have to pay would be far in excess of a few thousand dollars, which were about the cost of training for a few days.

Hussein isn't paying for the safe return of US citizens, he's just money laundering loot to his Islamic allies.