Of Course She Doesn't Want to "Repeal" It

Hillary Clinton claims she doesn't want to 'repeal' the Second Amendment.

Of course she doesn't. Repealing it would require a supermajority vote of the legislature, followed by ratification by numerous states. That's exactly the kind of democracy she opposes as insufficiently submissive to the whims of the elite.

What she wants is to appoint a reliable majority to the Supreme court that will redefine the Second Amendment so that it says what she wants it to say. We shall all have the right to keep and bear arms insofar as we belong to an official state militia, none of which shall be allowed as the National Guard is a perfectly appropriate substitute for them. It won't be repealed, just interpreted in a way that ensures that none of us can appeal to it for any legal reason whatsoever.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Precisely. Jedi mind tricks work on an alarming number of Americans, apparently.

Eric said...

To paraphrase Andrew Jackson: If they make that decision, let them enforce it.

I point to the failure so far of gun registration schemes in various states.

Jeebus, if you thought Obama was a good gun salesman, just wait for Hillary.

raven said...

Just wait till a legion of Americans, armed with CAD programs, CNC milling machines, and 3d printers, having seen that traditional legal arms are being outlawed, decide to manufacture their own- with no attempt to stay within any law at all.
Politicians, never having built a damned thing in their lives, have absolutely no idea how creative Americans can be. Go to any hot rod show, experimental aircraft show, etc, and it becomes quite evident that trying to ban 18th century technology is futile- guns, as a weapon,are just a remote hole punch. Simple, old school, basic. Forcing a bunch of extremely skilled and enterprising people into a corner is a really stupid idea.
The whole set of mental images they have of potential consequences are linear and predictable- it's like they have tunnel vision of the brain.

Anonymous said...


Do you think this story about Hillary is true?
Do you think she is as rude and as abusive as this guy relates his experience with her?
( I have no trouble bringing it up as I want her to die from a million different cuts.
Let my knife be one of the millions )


- Mississippi

Ymar Sakar said...

Even if they successfully confiscate guns, there are alternative ways to raid ammo depots for munitions and arms that don't require guns. More training is required for such a guerilla raid team, but it is not impossible.

The whole point of a guerilla campaign is that for every successful battle and raid, you gain the enemy's weapons. You make the enemy's strength, become your own. And your own weaknesses, becomes the enemy's weakness.

Ymar Sakar said...

Do you think this story about Hillary is true?

Those stories have been corroborated by a few hundred or thousand witnesses, so far. Although not all of them are alive still or have spoken out in public.