New vistas in architecture

I love it when Bird Dog goes on vacation and lets Roger de Hautville post for him.  One of today's excellent links is Ugly Belgian Houses, and as Roger says, Boy. Howdy.

"It's ugly house mating season"


raven said...

My daughter and I used to joke about having a citation book for issuing "architectural abomination tickets".

E Hines said...

I think that house looks pretty cool.


Eric Hines

Eric Blair said...

There are lots of arguments about what a good house is supposed to do and be and all that, and frankly, I'm with EH here. Despite the second floor construction, there does not appear to be useless gables or extra trim or any of the doo-dads that one sees on a lot of the tract housing in the US.

It appears spare and functional, and looks pretty private. It may be hiding an inner court, which would be pretty cool.

Tom said...

The second floor is cool, but it doesn't go with the first floor. Aesthetically, it's all kinds of awkward.

Texan99 said...

It wasn't the ugliest house on the site by a long shot; I just liked the caption. I'm actually kind of a sucker for a shallow barrel vault roof.

jaed said...

It looks to me as though the upper section is hinged, and swings down.

That would be cool but it's probably too much to hope for.

raven said...

Dream home.
A strong wall around a large courtyard with interior garden, a solid gate, stone, brick or solid timber walls with a heavy door, a parapet for views and defense.

A large interior fireplace or woodstove, some nice tribal carpets from the Caucasus over a radiant heated flagstone floor, light from upper windows, some nice solid handmade furniture,and tons of work space. Polished wood on the walls, to display the trophies of my ancestors.
And a bearskin. I almost forgot the bearskin.

And always- a southern exposure and a commanding height. A long view is good for the soul.