How About I Volunteer You to Lead a Discussion?

The comments under my recent Seven Books Every Conservative Should Read post made me think of doing some kind of read-and-discuss project here. I had thought about continuing my Common Ground series with something like this, but life got busy last fall and it didn't happen.

Would you be interested in such a thing? And if so, would you be willing to lead a discussion for a book you recommend and others were interested in? If you are not a blogger, maybe we could work something out where I post and then you pick it up in the comments.

It doesn't even have to be one person leading. If several bloggers were reading the same book, there's no reason we couldn't all be posting on different aspects of it as we read.

As for me, I am going to put off leading any read-and-discuss blogging for now. I would like to lead a discussion on the book Aristotle for Everybody, but I want to see how difficult this semester will be before making other time commitments. If there's time, I may try to get into it this fall, or maybe in December when classes are done. I would enjoy participating in your discussions, though.

What do you think?


E Hines said...

I'd be happy to join such a discussion(s), but my existing commitments don't let me add one more to lead one.

Eric Hines

Tom said...

Well, this is more encouraging than I expected. I thought I might get complete silence.

Yeah, I think everyone here stays busy. I really like the idea, but even I can't do it. I do hope to do Aristotle for Everybody, but it will probably be over the winter break.

douglas said...

Timing is everything. It's just tough to have schedules align in a way that enough people are on board at the same time. Love the idea for sure.