DB: Pentagon "Pretty Sure" It Can Ditch FM 3-24

How much of this is satire?
The Pentagon’s top spokesperson said he was “pretty sure” the military could ditch the manual used for counterinsurgency, since it plans to fight all future wars against conventional armies that wear uniforms and use known tactics.

“Listen, COIN is over,” spokesperson Col. Steve Warren said. “There’s really no possibility that terrorists will some day take over large swaths of areas of the Middle East and quickly change their tactics against a conventional foe they are fighting.”

“We need to pivot to the Pacific already,” he added...

“We don’t know where or when our next war might be, but we can be pretty sure it won’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan, because, well, despite tens of thousands of troops fighting in those countries, those don’t technically count as wars.”

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Ymar Sakar said...

The purge looks to be working as intended. Good thing Petraeus exposed the Left's own blackmail against him. But the Left has plenty of other general officers in their thrall. Sufficient for now. They just need just enough time to fire the old guard and replace them with female officers of flag and general rank.