Clinton & the Kremlin

The "Panama Papers" reveal a possible Russian intelligence connection to some of Clinton's top bundlers. It's smoke rather than fire, of course: the bank only sometimes handles funding for Russian intelligence operations, and even if they have bribed or suborned Clinton's bundlers that doesn't mean she herself is suborned.

Nevertheless, it raises important questions given Clinton's handling of things like foreign weapons sales to governments that donated heavily to the Clinton foundation, or transmission of national security secrets in the clear on an unsecured private email server. If I were an investigative journalist, I'd be very inclined to dig right here.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Democrat warmongers selling weapons using military industrial complex and then blaming it on the veterans, as usual and to be expected from the lords of evil. It's also why they want to ban guns in the US, as it makes it easier for them to sell it to terrorists overseas, given the mark up.