Another Reason to Value Being Long-Married

Cosmopolitan invites four young women to talk with their boyfriends about guns. "Almost all of the boyfriends believe they have the right to gun ownership under the Second Amendment, but their girlfriends don't see it that way."

My favorite is the one who just cannot imagine why anyone would want to own a "death machine." Her boyfriend says, well, you know, you drive a car and they kill just as many people (and about three times as often by accident! More than two thirds of gun deaths are suicides).

I suppose I would have said, "In fact I own many death machines. Wait until you meet my motorcycle."

If she was the sort to really mind saddling up on a death machine, she'd have moved on long before we got to the conversation about guns.

Still, I feel bad for these young guys having to negotiate dating in an environment like this one.

Well, maybe I don't feel too bad for them. It's a hard ride, but at least some of them seem to be working it out.


raven said...

The ladies can come around- but it takes a while. Unless they were fortunate enough to have a family that were gun owners, they have been subjected to a relentless one sided propaganda war since kindergarten.

For example, you will never see a casual fun shooting event on tv- no kids shooting some pop cans in the local sandpit, , no target shooting, no gun collectors show, with one exception- that is when the person enjoying shooting will later be shown to have some grave moral affliction.

So the best way to bring someone around is to take them shooting-once they realize the gun is not a rattlesnake that will bite them, and that it is lot's of fun to make a pop can bounce around on the berm, and they they can safely control the weapon, the carefully inculcated fears will start to melt. Chances are this will be the first time they have ever held a gun, or even spent any time with a gunowner.

Ymar Sakar said...

It reminds me of when slaves were afraid of freedom, because with freedom comes starvation. Some preferred to live on plantations instead and would attempt to escape from Harriet Tubman. That's why Tubman had a pistol with her, not to win against the chasers and bounty hunters, but to keep the slaves in line. Their physical shackles were broken, but their mental shackles were still there. They just had to obey her authority until they were actually free and then de brainwashed.

Giving freedom to a slave doesn't usually accomplish much. Their will is still shackled to a dominated power.

Guns now a days are like demonic swords. The Left's death cult needs an icon of heresy and demonic evil to blame, and guns is a thing for that culture.

E Hines said...

Still, I feel bad for these young guys having to negotiate dating in an environment like this one.

Nothing to negotiate there, so no sympathy is necessary. As to "bringing them around," nah. I've had bellyful of folks attacking my right to keep and bear and of others who are willfully ignorant. There are too many smart women; there's no need to waste bandwidth on these precious ones. They're not worth the trouble.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

You see this is why we need some vapid pro-gun women center magazines. I mean we already have Gun and Garden.

Grim said...

I'm not sure it's a very solid idea to encourage vapid people to carry. :)