What A Shock

The "Guns at the RNC" petition was started by... a Clinton supporter. I'll wait while you pick your mouth up off the floor.

The thing is, I wouldn't mind at all allowing permit holders to carry at the convention or most anywhere else. This was intended as a "satire" aimed at making us look like hypocrites, but really, there's no hypocrisy to be had on this issue.

That's how I knew this was a false-flag -- it's the kind of petition someone would write who fell for the "NRA bans guns" hoax. There are only two reasons guns aren't going to be at the RNC, and neither of them is amenable to a petition. The first one is the Secret Service, and the second one is the insurance concerns of the property owner.


Ymar Sakar said...

I thought this whole false flag line was people being paranoid... oh wait, that was in 2010.

Grim said...

No, you're still paranoid. :) This just happens to be a legitimate example of the phenomenon. Don't give in to confirmation bias, and allow it to suggest to you that you're right about all the rest of your suspicions too!

Ymar Sakar said...

So when I said don't get tagged by the White House gov by publicly protesting at DC, as the Tea Party did, that's paranoia in your view, even though the warning was more right than wrong.

But paranoia in your view seems to mean "stuff I don't think is right, so I'll come up with a rationalization about it to avoid addressing why it's wrong or right".

The stuff you think is happening and actually occurring, that's called confirmation bias, which you don't call paranoia, you just call it by a different internal name. Even though what you think is happening now, you called paranoia back in 2008. Did you really think a lot of the stuff you're paying attention to now, such as police union SWATing and other government abuses, just happened to start existing in 2009 and onwards... come on.

As for being right, I don't use people's assessments on the internet. They're not particularly useful.

Grim said...

I would be more convinced of your disinterest in my opinion if you didn't constantly try to convince me that you've been right all along. :)