Drink More Whiskey

At least, that's the advice I glean for America from this review:
Cheever describes local taverns as “the cradle of the revolution.” And through the 18th century, she explains, a steady stream of beer and rum helped to unleash the bravado and defiance necessary to inch toward independence. The patriots who tossed tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773 hadn’t planned on doing so, but they were blasted after hours of drunken scheming. “Perhaps if they had been sober,” Cheever writes, “the night would have been different; they were not sober. They were drunk enough to change history.”

As the American Revolution ignited, “drinking seems to have gone hand in hand with heroism.”
We could use some more of that. You might try Leadslinger's.

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Ymar Sakar said...

MMA gyms are sort of like this. Except they get high on adrenaline, not alcohol.