Riding Weather

Everyone listens to "Alice's Restaurant" on Thanksgiving, and this year is the 50th anniversary -- yeah, really -- of that 18-22 year old song of revolt against being drafted. It's a great song in its way. But it wasn't the only great song to come out of that album.

The one I much more often sing is this one:

Well, I never sing the story. But listen to that, and the very different undercarriage to this version:

And this version, which is not the same song at all -- same lyrics, but the underlying beat is the Sesame Street song.

Well, pick your favorite. Just mount up and ride while the weather favors you.


William said...

Saw him about 8 or 10 years ago in Manitowoc, Wi. Pretty good show. His son was on staged and looked wasted, but still managed to play well..

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Hated the song on that album. Liked that second version okay.

raven said...

Clear, blue and 32 here today. Went to the bike shop and picked up a battery charger- maybe tomorrow I will put on the heated vest and go for a ride.