"Things Were A Lot Worse in the Mid-70s" Is Not a Ringing Defense

In which Fortune magazine discovers that Donald Trump is right about something:
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is not predicated on the candidate’s mastery of or allegiance to facts.

His views on things like immigration or international trade are just not supported by any relevant statistics. So when The Donald called into CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday and claimed that Americans are living in a “false economy,” where the unemployment rate is actually 40% rather than the 5.1% as reported by the Labor Department, you’d be forgiven for believing this was just another Trumpian whopper.

But actually, this view can be supported by actual statistics.
The real issue is that things are worse than they have been since Ronald Reagan was turning things around during his first term -- and unlike Reagan's time, the rate of improvement is not sharply inclined. Government policies have been depressing hiring and investment in new business here in America, especially the Obamacare law and its effects but also the general increase in regulation of business.

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Ymar Sakar said...

It's like Sherman's burning down the South again, right.