No Confidence in Secretary Mabus

OAF Nation is impressed with him, in a bad way.
Not long after the Marine Corps released its findings on long term combat simulations with gender-integrated units, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus grabbed at every straw and went for just about every fallacious argument to be found in a Critical Thinking 101 college textbook. Aside from claiming that pre-existing institutional misogyny resulted in female Marine participants having trouble lifting their rucks over walls, and aside from claiming these 100 women were basically subpar to the phantom stock of vagina-owning death dealers the Marine Corps is keeping in some underground, undisclosed location, during his September 11th NPR interview, this jewel stood out from all others:

"Women got injured a lot or more than men on duty. Men got injured four times as much as women off duty. So, we've got these knuckleheads who are, 'here, hold my beer and watch this,' . . . So, do we keep men from being in the infantry because they get hurt so much off duty? I don't think so."

There is so much to pick apart in that statement, but lets just focus on one issue. Now—let a former beer guzzling, dare devil, first-enlistment knucklehead take the floor.
I think he should resign. How can he command the force's respect after this?


MikeD said...

Psssh... like his boss gives a tinker's damn if the troops respect him.

raven said...

John Basilone was somewhat rowdy off duty, IIRC. Along with about all his mess mates. Sorta goes with the territory.
I guess next the Air Force and Navy will be advocating it's fighter jocks drive a Prius.