American Trains Iranian Fighter Pilots

I expect that this guy and I must know some of the same people, because I've been hearing this story too. It's certainly not implausible, given the tight ties between the Iranians and the Iraqi Security Forces right now. It would be a little surprising if there weren't infiltration by Iranian agents.

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Dad29 said...

What makes you think that Obozo does not WANT to train Iranians?

Look. His entire 'strategy' in the M.E. has been to rely on Shi'ites to take out the Sunni extremists of ISIL. And to be fair--unless the domestic politics undergo a sea-change--that's his ONLY option. I grant you that the Iraqi Shi'a have been horrible in defense of their own, but then, they've not had a really good reason to fight. Yet.

Since the mid-1950's, the US has tried to prop up a secularist regime in Iran. That ended with the fall of the Shah, and as a result we have the Mullahs. It appears that we are stuck with them, along with the current regime in Egypt, for good or ill.

Neither Bush, in his "democracy implantation" silliness, nor Obozo (because he despises "interest"-based policy) has had a good grip on ME geopolitics.

Perhaps they should consult with England, who ruled that roost very effectively until 1955 or so.