The Wonders of the Internet

Allapundit at Hot Air tagged his recent collection of quotes on a resurgent Anti-Semitism "the socialism of fools," and I had not heard the expression (although it was easy to guess the antecedent, not only from the context but because the two movements made such similar arguments in the 19th century). I searched to see who had said it originally, and from there was drawn to read about Königstein Fortress, where the original socialist was imprisoned for a time. Along the way I discovered that it had held not only state prisoners, but the greatest wine barrel in human history:

From 1722 to 1725, at the behest of August the Strong, coopers under Böttger built the enormous Königstein Wine Barrel (Königsteiner Weinfass), the greatest wine barrel in the world, in the cellar of the Magdalenenburg which had a capacity of 249,838 litres. It cost 8,230 thalers, 18 groschen and 9 pfennigs. The butt, which was once completely filled with country wine from the Meißen vineyards, had to be removed again in 1818 due to its poor condition.
That's just over 66,000 gallons, which at a quart per person per day would last a family of four for 180 years -- longer than the barrel itself lasted.


E Hines said...

66,000 bottles of Ripple in the tun,
66,000 bottles of Ripple.
Pour one off and pass it around,
65,999 bottles of Ripple in the tun.

Eric Hines

Eric Blair said...

August the strong had 30 children.

He didn't get called "the Strong" for nothing.

William said...

I've stood on the top of the Grosses Fass under Heidelberger Schloss. That was "only" 219,000L and was of fair size itself. That one was only full maybe four times in history. That's a Whole lot of wine in one place...

William sends.