Riddling With Dragons

A quiz featuring historic Anglo-Saxon riddles, just the kind Tolkien loved. Unfortunately the quiz is multiple-choice, which makes it far easier than it would be if you had to come up with the answer out of your head! But save them in your mind to delight children of the right age who are encountering The Hobbit for the first time, or others you may know in whom the joy of the book has not faded with age.


E Hines said...

Even with the answers staring me in the face, only a guess away, I could only get 8 of 10.

I just don't think that way in these modern times; my reasoning is much more linear. And in many cases, knowing the technology of the times provided a clue.

Eric Hines

DL Sly said...

10 out of 10, but I had to think about number five for a few minutes to make sure I wasn't missing a clue in any of the words.