Second Nature

As the world burns around us, perhaps it is worth revisiting an old post.

UPDATE:  This morning's statement on the situation in Ukraine is on point.  It has the tone of a child complaining to his parents that his brother is being unfair.  'Putin isn't making his friends behave and play by the rules!'

But there are no parents in the "International Community" or the "Community of Nations."  It's just you.  If Putin isn't behaving, you're the one who has to make him.  What are you going to do about it?


E Hines said...

If Putin isn't behaving, you're the one who has to make him. What are you going to do about it?

The only thing Obama is good at: keep partying and fundraising. This is what Obama said through his mouthpiece, Josh Earnest: When the president travels [I] travel[] with an array of staff and advisers.... Abrupt changes to [my] schedule can have the unintended consequence of unduly alarming the American people or creating a false sense of crisis.

'Cause we're too stupid to know what's going on. Besides, the MH17 shootdown, Putin's moves to fragment and absorb Ukraine, and the Palestinian Authority's terrorist attack on Israel and the latter's response are phony crises.

Eric Hines

Cass said...

Grim, Grim, Grim... Parents perpetuate inequality, with their insistence on "authority" and "rules" and "consequences".

Why should anyone - least of all equals - have to listen to anyone else?

Grim said...

In the movie Flyboys, treating WWI fighter pilots, there's a scene when one of the young American pilots complains to his French commander that a German pilot had killed his buddy after the buddy had gotten safely to the ground. There had to be justice, he said, for that violation of accepted norms governing combat.

The French officer replied with words to the effect of, 'You want justice? Up there, you're the guy with the gun.'

Well, that was the old way. Now we get on camera and say, 'No one denies that he has extraordinary influence over the direction of his machineguns. And if he doesn't stop pointing them at helpless people and shooting them to bits, he's going to find himself increasingly isolated.'

Cass said...

Beware the sternly wagging finger of international opprobrium... :p

If Putin keeps this up, Obama will ask Putin to go into Time Out until he feels better about himself.

douglas said...

Maybe Obama thinks if he keeps talking so inanely, he'll make Putin so tired of him that he'll make some accession to shut him up. Given the visceral reaction I have to hearing Obama by now, it might work on me.

Ymar Sakar said...

It's not burning nearly fast enough.