Way harsh

But fair.  My opinion of Wendy Davis, never high, is crumbling.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Democrat candidates up here (the Panhandle) kept their silence about her. They won't endorse her, but they won't criticize her, either.

I'll be curious to see who runs against her in the D primary.


E Hines said...

Neither will the NLMSM actually criticize her.

She lied. End of story. And end of story on the NLMSM.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

I didn't think it was even all that harsh, given the facts of the case.

RonF said...

Wendy Davis said in a press release, referring to her past as a poor single mother, that her opponent should "walk a mile in my shoes" before he criticizes her.

Wendy Davis' opponent is a paraplegic.

E Hines said...

Wendy Davis says detractors are sexist because they haven’t "walked a day in [her] shoes."

It's true that most people haven't walked a day in her shoes. Most women have more integrity than to be Sugar Daddy's...baby. And most men have more integrity than to be a Sugar Daddy.

Walk another day, Wendy. Today will do.

Eric Hines

Nicholas Darkwater said...

Her story is about as true as her hair color.