Queensland: Losing The War On Bikers

One begins to think, given the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs, that modern governments are bad at domestic wars. They may not be fit to wage foreign ones, for that matter.

The new laws are incredibly stiff, with up to 25 year prison sentences and a six-month mandatory minimum, including solitary confinement. Many of the offenses are the kinds of things that Americans would take as clear cases of free association ("three or more members of a criminal gang (including those listed by regulation), being together in a public place" -- meaning that 'being a criminal gang' is established by government fiat alone).

Doesn't seem to be working, there as here.


raven said...

How is a "criminal" gang defined, and who defines it? And if it is "criminal", why are other charges necessary?

The solution to violent crime is the same as it has always been.
Arm the citizens, train the police, enforce the old laws, and sentence accordingly.

The trend toward passing a slew of new laws is idiocy- what worked on the Dalton's will work just as well on the new flavor of the day gang.
Our essential problem is we have feminized society to the point where offenses that years ago would have been stopped in their tracks now go on without resistance from us.

Grim said...

I agree with you about the need for new laws (i.e., that there is almost no need for new laws).

Australia is really worked up about this for some reason. We've got traditional motorcycle clubs all over Georgia, and somehow it doesn't necessitate destroying free association. Somehow it's fine if you bust the ones who are actually committing crimes, and leave the rest alone.

Sacrificing liberty for security, as Ben Franklin said. You end up with neither, and you deserve neither.

William said...

I'm impressed, in a negative, way with the "or suspected to be" phrase for search and seizure as well as the minimum sentencing for Anyone "failing to produce" items or sworn testimony for the Government....

Not a good place to be.

William sends.

Grim said...

My favorite part is where they are telling plumbers, electricians and others who hold licenses from the government that they will lose their license if they don't break all ties with suspected bikers -- even personal friendships. Even if this was the mafia, why shouldn't they be able to hire a plumber?

raven said...

Is the gang violence more overt there? Or is there just a hysteria about them? Seems like most gang violence is directed at other gang members most of the time.

Lose a license or lose a friend?

Gonna be a lot of guys going under the table. I guess the concept of loyalty is notably absent among lawmakers these days.

Off topic, but of interest, I suspect, to your readers, an entrance exam for Harvard circa 1870. Definitely for those on the right hand side of the bell curve.
My ignorance has seldom been so vividly illustrated!

E Hines said...

Write only as much as you can revise carefully.

Neatness counts!? And it was all down hill from there, for me....

Eric Hines