State Secession

Paleofuture offers a map of an America where all the proposed state secession movements had succeeded.

Probably the easiest way to enjoy playing with the map is to think about where you live, and whether the proposal makes sense. (Severing North Georgia from South Georgia is defensible because the two are quite distinct culturally, for reasons that follow from the kinds of agriculture enabled by the physical landforms: the proposal looks like it follows the fall line between the foothills and mountains on the one hand, and the coastal plain down to the tidewaters on the other).

Second easiest? Try to figure out how the composition of the Senate would change. Better? Worse?

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douglas said...

Interesting that Iowa and Hawaii are the only states to have apparently never had a secession movement.

The problem with that map is it posits every movement for a new state carved from an existing state ever- no matter how unlikely, and with no mention that some of those states actually existed, however briefly- Franklin in what is now East Tennessee for instance.