Cass said...

That made my day, Grim :)

Grim said...

I'm glad you liked it. I know a horse who is very similar in many respects.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't every barn have one of those?

LR1:"Hey, there's a horse loose!"
Stable Boss: "Who is it?"
LR1:[Looks carefully] "Oh, it's Tresor. Never mind."
S.B.: [Sighs as goes to get catch rope.] "Well, so much for that idea."


Eric Blair said...

Smart horse.

douglas said...

I would argue that some sort of foot operated latch that can be operated by humans without too much notice from the horse might be best. I'm sure they see the latch being operated and the gate/door opening and it's not hard to make the connection, whereas a foot operated latch might just make the opening of the gate 'magical' to the horse. It would seem also that a latch that had a pull-down release might be better as pull up or aside seems pretty easy for the horse to manipulate- but I have next to zero experience with horses, so I could be all wet- I just can't restrain the problem-solver in me.

Ymar Sakar said...

Humans need to learn from that and escape from the tax farm humanity has been rendered to.

Marissa, can you train any of our human cadre to do what you do?