The Iron Lady Passes

We note with regret the passing of Margret Thatcher, the last of the giants of her age. There remain many lights of that age still with us, but the three greatest are now gone: Reagan, John Paul II, and now she herself.

I find myself a little surprised this morning, because somehow it never occurred to me that she could die. She seemed so indomitable that, at some un-examined and subconscious level, I must have assumed she would simply refuse.

UPDATE: Max Boot on the vindication of Thatcher against those who opposed her policies.


Anonymous said...

During the Falklands War, I got the nickname Iron Maggie. At the time I hated it. After I met her, I relished it.

May G-d be with her family and friends.


MikeD said...

I knew this day would come eventually, but dreaded it all the same. A fearless warrior for freedom. I wonder if we shall see her like again.

douglas said...

The good thing about the passing of someone of her stature is that we all spend a little time remembering their greatness, and what they stood for. Let's hope it's inspirational to a new generation.
I'd better plan on visiting the Reagan Library soon, as I'm sure they'll remember her well and properly.

Texan99 said...

Meryl Streep even managed to say some nice things about her, though she couldn't help taking a swipe or two at her politics, which "we" now all understand were misguided, of course. Bookroom Worm has a nice roundup of comments.