So Apparently This Is Racist...

Well, what isn't now?

If anything, it sounds apologetic to me -- on both sides. A worthy start, or something no one should ever dare say?

It's a good question. I'd like to have a similar conversation, and a similar consensus, with my very great friends from the war who happened to be black. We lived together day and night in those days. I wish I knew how to make a country as good as we were, in a foreign land that hated us all equally.

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DL Sly said...

MH and I listened to that yesterday and couldn't figure out why Brad Paisley and LL Cool J were getting such condemnation over what -- for all intents and purposes -- seems to be an honest attempt to put words to the elephant in the room wrt skin color. Having been a fan of Brad Paisley's music for his entire career, I know of several *message* songs from the "back side" of the albums that are not quite the toe-tappers that his mega-hits are -- this is another such song. However, the message is timely even if the tune is a bit on the weak side.