Thomas Jefferson and Spammers

There's an old xkcd cartoon, thus.

The new generation of spam that has been flooding into the blog lately is sometimes almost there. Usually it's obviously automatically generated, irrelevant nonsense, but I just read a spam post on Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase that I almost published separately. The only problem with it is that, since it is spam, I'd have to look up all the details to see if they were accurate or not.

Keep it up, spammers! If you can find a way to demonstrate the accuracy of your claims as well, I might actually publish your adds for tooth ("plural teeth") caps and easy-credit loans. Footnotes maybe?


MikeD said...

"How do you know it was a [insert the name for an inhabitant/alumnus of the region/university you wish to mock here] that invented the toothbrush? Because if it had been a [insert the name for an inhabitant/alumnus of the region/university you are from], it'd have been called a teethbrush."

[insert rim-shot here]

Texan99 said...

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They seem to be relying less lately on the bizarre English generated by automatic translators, and more on direct appeals to vanity. If they start offering little bits of interesting history, so much the better.