No mealy mouth here

When was the last time you heard such a cogent and devastating speech from an American politician?


Grim said...

Farage is a badass. Every time he steps up to the mike, it's worth hearing.

E Hines said...

This gentleman, before the same body, was similarly unimpressed with that body's handling of "man-made" "global warming."

He's the same gentleman, sitting behind Farage, getting into it with another MEP.

We haven't had fire and brimstone speakers outside of church for 200 years. It's too bad.

Eric Hines

RonF said...

Remember when all the oil cartel countries were going to start requiring contracts to be written in Euros instead of dollars? How's that working out for them?

douglas said...

It's good to hear a "Hear, hear" in the background.